Physical Therapy

There are a lot of foot conditions that can be treated with an exercise and stretching routine.  Podiatrists and physical therapists often work together to reduce foot pain and give you the tools to help keep foot pain away!

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How Can We Help You Get Rid of Foot Pain? 

We put your family’s foot care and well being first. Healthy feet are vital to a comfortable life. Your feet enable you to run, walk, jump, dance and countless other things you do everyday without a second thought. So, when foot problems occur, they don’t just affect your feet. They affect your entire life.

We provide the latest foot-health information for families like yours. We strive to offer the best advice and most current news to keep your family active and on their feet.

Custom Orthotics

If chronic foot pain is wrecking your fitness goals, it may be time for a foot exam.  Your foot biomechanics could be causing unnecessary stresses during your workout.  The addition of an orthotic device in your shoe can establish proper foot alignment, reduce the risk of injury and decrease most foot pain.